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Miscellaneous Information:

The Association "Acqua Bene Comune" was formed in 2013, is the legal and administrative organ of the Italian Forum of Water Movements. The Forum is composed of many committees spread across Italy that fight for public water like a paradigm of another model of society.

The forum was born in 2006 when various social entities decided to unite in order to make more effective their specific fights in defence of water as common good and to make water a national issue.

This wide social coalition presented in July 2010 referendums and in June 2011 about 27 millions of italians voted them fully expressing in this way their will of re-including water in the common goods. This result was built on the grassroots, through a mass participation.

At international level the Forum contributed to build the European Network of Public Water. In addition the Forum was strongly involved in the various Social Forums and Alternative World Water Forum. The main objective is to create an alliance at European level to defend the right to water and its public and participated management. The European movement chose as first campaign the European Citizens Initiative, first tool of direct participation foreseen by the European Parliament. The ECI “Water is a human right” was supported by more the one million signatures collected all over Europe and in this way called directly the EU Commission and the EU Parliament for this issue.

The Forum, together with all who believe in an alternative, goes on with elaboration of proposals and initiatives for re-publicizing water and defending common goods.